Be Careful What You Wish For!

One of my favorite former state senators used to tell me, “Potts… be careful what you wish for.”  He offered that up on many levels, but every time, in every situation, I find it applicable.  Such were the wishes for the success of the Pour House and the Mary Mary Quite Contrary Gallery.  Be careful what you wish for!

Originally, when renovations of the Warren Building on 2nd Street began, it was our brainchild to put the Pour House in the far west building, where the MaryMary evolved.  It was the hope of the landlords that another hardware store would take the place of the old Yokel Hardware store.  That suited me just fine, as I always loved the “west end”.  But, as they also say… “the best laid plans…”, well sadly not without the effort of both mice and men/women, no tenant could be convinced.  So the “west end” remained an eyesore and the Pour House set up house in the “east end”.  Mice and men/women were happy, but alas Mrs. Morris, the resident spirit in the “west end” would have to wait for improvement.

A year after the Pour House was up and running I saw a need for “something” else for the customers to do.  Often, by the time they arrived in Friend, the Blue Blossom was closed, Johnson’s was about to close, the antique store was never a good bet, and Holdren’s gallery was asleep.  So, I embarked on a renovation, with the landlord’s moral support, and Mrs. Morris’ blessing and the transition from trash to treasure ensued.

MMQC pic2 MMQC ready for ceiling work sanding progress

Now comes the “be careful what you wish for”… idea.  There were only so many staff people to cover our very-busy-running-the-east end and west end- businesses. There were customers to wait on, to escort, to assist, to talk with…and nobody with time to dedicate to the dead run between east and west. So, in 2013, we downsized the retail a bit, and in 2014 we made the space “by appointment or reservation”.

Welcome 2015… and “I’m thankful for what I wished for”.  I sold the Pour House and the east end is once again open for business.  Now it’s time for me to dedicate my time to my original inspiration.  I am thrilled to share that in the next few months, we’ll be fine tuning and setting displays.  Summer 2015 we will be re-opening the MaryMary gallery.  We will again be showcasing amazing Nebraska artists and jewelry makers, and we’re planning a nice mix of antiques, repurposed furniture and fun gifts, and new to the MaryMary will be a consigned inventory of art, collectibles and vintage items.

Of course, it wouldn’t be the MaryMary if I didn’t weave my ancestry in to the mix, beginning with  the gallery namesake.  So, until next time,

be oh so very…


MMQC logo final


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