Welcome to the Home of Mary Mary

spring mary mary

Hello!  I am so happy that you’ve found us!  Please feel free to browse the website and get a feeling about who Mary is, what we are about, what we are fond of and what we aspire to be.  I hope you find our venue welcoming, our taste for antiques and art impeccable, our intrigue with repurposed furniture and vintage items curious, our choice of gift items purposeful yet whimsical and our general good attitude a welcome inflection in your day.

I treasure most everything old.  So do my artists, my friends and family, and my consignors.  Old is ancestry,  furniture, handwork, art, pottery, vintage housewares, jewelry… and shared lessons.  After all, if we don’t know how it was or from where we came, how do we know how we are to be?  One can, realistically, only fly by the seat of one’s pants for so long before either luck or gravity or both wear out!  I recall days when the tin pail was my best friend because it was overflowing with sweet peas.  There was no better cocktail than the crisp water from the irrigation pipe (never mind the mud). Do you remember the farm phone “party line”?  Ours was a long and a short ring.  The neighbors, two longs and a short… you knew who was getting the call, and the skill of “rubbering” (strategically lifting the lever that held the handset) taught you more, first hand, than today’s gossip ever will.  Facebook has nothin’ on rubberin’!  Men were men.  Women were ladies… but they could be as tough as nails.  I genuinely believe that the strongest women today were guided by strong women of their past.  I  was blessed with many that are gone now.  My mom.  My grandmothers.  And especially my great Aunt Mary.

So, welcome spring.  Welcome to the Mary Mary.  We’ll be organizing for a bit, but we’ll we ready to open our doors to you and yours soon.  Remember… It’s a great life if you don’t weaken!

Until we meet, remember to be oh so very…




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