Meet Aunt Mary

Thank you for visiting the Mary Mary. My Aunt Mary was… oh…so very… contrary! She was the icon of a lady born in 1898. She was the epitome of a housewife during the depression. She was a brilliant seamstress, a master gardener, a tatter (lace maker), and independent business woman. She wasn’t afraid to speak her mind and was known for having a “forked tongue”, and best for last, she never hesitated to pull out the .22 and blast the new-fangled siren that the village put right in her back yard, at noon, nearly every day, because, well… damn it, it crowded the hollyhocks and shadowed the martin’s house, and… well it was just plain ugly and noisy! She was the epitome of everything that I am or want to be… fifty years later. So, in her memory, with her spunk and vigor, we welcome you to the contrary.

The Mary Mary Quite Contrary gallery is a unique and beautiful historic space that offers visitors antiques, art, jewelry, vintage items and splendid gifts, not expected in the middle of nowhere. And actually we are NOT in the middle of nowhere. We are an easy drive from Omaha, a skip and a jump from Lincoln, just a bit to our west is Grand Island and Hastings… a nice car club adventure’s tour from Kearney, not even a full call to your mother from Wilber… you get it. We’re nestled amongst the cornfields, in a beautiful historic building (yes, it’s haunted), on a Norman Rockwellesque brick street, just a block south of Historic Route 6 and a snap of a 12 mile tour from I-80. We are in the MIDDLE OF EVERYWHERE! We are a well traveled, well educated, a little bohemian with a splash of German and heck-of-a-lot-of fun!

In the Mary Mary we will emphasize the beautiful. The nostalgic. The classy and the naughty. Everything that my Aunt Mary was… and more. Her favorite saying was, “It’s a great life if you don’t weaken.” Well… ain’t it just so?

We hope you will visit us in Friend, Nebraska, and take a step in to the life of Mary… let’s be oh so very…


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